Weekend WTF!

I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to get outdoors and enjoy some gorgeous weather, at least in Oklahoma.

Things started off like usual at our weekly Anthem Brewing Friday night happy hour that lasted until 10pm.  Um, stupid move when I’m supposed to be up at 5:45am the next morning for a race.

But our Friday night HH sessions are much needed and it wasn’t too much of a problem.

Saturday morning Raynee picked me up for a race in Watonga, Oklahoma called Race the Rails.  The premise is this: a train started in Geary, Oklahoma, headed for Watonga, Oklahoma at 10 mph.  The bikes started in Watonga and head to Geary, then back to Watonga.  If you beat the train, you get a cool rail spike as a trophy.  If you don’t beat the train, you get your ass kicked by the local girls from an elementary school soccer team.  Hey, they’re tougher than you’d think.  I was down for the count after a short 5 minutes.

She’s absolutely amazing!!!!!

Anyway, I didn’t beat the train, hence the ass kicking referenced above.  You needed a 22 mph average to kick that train’s ass and I came in at 20.1 mph.  The sick part is that 20.1 is a damn good ride for me, it just wasn’t enough to beat the train.

Raynee, on the other hand, smoked that train.  She got in the lead peloton and rode a blistering 26.3 mph average, beating the train by 15 minutes.  I knew she could do it but holy cow!  I’m pretty proud of her.  She was all smiles when I rolled in.  Although she was pretty pissed that she had to kick some elementary school as to save me.

Sunday started out with Mother’s Day brunch at Packards and ended with a fun belated birthday celebration where we rode our bikes to several bars in the Okc midtown area.  Drunk on a bike is definitely the way to spend a nice Sunday afternoon.

This is how you do a bar crawl. The orange basket is a must.

Well, I hope you all have a good week and always keep two wheels on the ground.  Oh yeah, if you’re ever in Watonga, tell those little shits I want a rematch!


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