Watercolors be hard, yo!

Trying to figure out blending and shading with watercolors is a difficult process.  Granted, I’ve only been at this for a few weeks, but still, I figured I would start to understand a little more than I really do.  The latest creations are definitely better than the first stuff I tried….but only barely!

I know, I know….it takes time.  And I will definitely continue trying to get better and understand how to smoothly transition a color from one to another.

Here’s what I did over the weekend.

Since I’m heading to Europe in a couple of weeks, I wanted to start sketching some buildings so I could get used to architectural drawing. This is a restaurant we frequent in the Paseo District of OKC called Sauced!

Sauced on Paseo!


I really like how simple this was to create.  I used an 03 pen to sketch the outline and then watercolor to fill it in.

My friend Lauren in PA had a bad weekend so I made this to cheer her up. Again, the 03 black pen to set the tree then watercolor for the leaves.

Simple, simple, simple.  I really want to do more of this because of the minimalist process.

I paint a LOT for my friend Raynee.  I think this was one of the best pieces I did for her.  There are obvious blending issues but overall, things started kind of coming together.

This one did not come together!


Another simple tulip sketch. Raynee went to NYC for Spring Break. I’m trying to send her a picture a day. This was Day One.



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