The Monday After

Ahh, Monday!  Gotta love a good Monday.  The weekend has ended and it’s back to work.  I’m not a Monday hater like most people.  I kind of like getting back to a rigid routine and back to my standard workouts.  And I like getting back to the “non-drinking” portion of the week!

Anyway, here we go…

Saturday started off with an 8.5 mile run in gale force winds!  Lately, the winds in Oklahoma City have just been out of control.  I don’t mind some wind, but trying to run or ride in 20+ mph wind is not pleasant.

After a relaxing afternoon, we headed out to the COOP AleWorks annual birthday party.  This is a great even that benefits the Central OK Humane Society and I’m happy to support any organization that benefits the puppies.  Plus, COOP F5 is my favorite beer so that’s a big plus.

Adi, the woman on the right absolutely refuses to take a good picture so this was the best of the lot!

Raynee is so proud of these pictures!  There’s really nothing like a shitter in the background to say classy!


And my first crafting project!  They turned out pretty well until the Oklahoma wind



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