Let’s Ride

I grew up with a guy who owns the premier bike shop in Oklahoma City.  So of course…..I didn’t ride a bike!  Years later, at 47 years old, I finally bought my first nice bike: a Cannondale CAAD8.  In the scheme of things, that was a really cheap bike.  I paid about $750 for the bike and if you know bikes, you know that price is really cheap.

One year later, I was so addicted I decided to upgrade to a nicer bike.  I went from the CAAD8 to a Colnago v1r.  Again, if you know bikes, you realize that this is like going from a Yugo to a Bugatti. Yes, the price matched the Bugatti too!

I’m now several years into this game and I have four bikes for all different occasions.

  • 2014 Colnago v1r road bike
  • 2014 Cannondale Slice time trial bike
  • 2016 Trek SuperFly 7 hardtail mountain bike
  • 2014 Trek FX7 hybrid that’s used as a bar bike

How many bikes should you own? The answer is easy: n + 1

Throughout the year I will post various blog posts about some fun events that I attend.  The first two come in June at the OKC ProAm and Tulsa Tough.  Both races are back to back weekends and are super large events.  The rest of the summer contains weekly criteriums here locally in Okc and the Oklahoma State Championship in Enid, OK.

I hope you’re as stoked about biking as I am.  If you don’t own a bike, please go try out a nice bike at your local bike shop.  I promise, once you get a proper fit and you’re on a decent set of wheels, you might actually fall in love with it too!

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