Let’s Eat

Ever wonder what highly tuned athletes like me eat?  NOTE: I’m not highly tuned and I don’t eat that well!  However, I do love to cook and discover new recipes.  The Thug Kitchen cookbook has recently come into my life as well as the Paprika app so I’m excited to post a bunch of cool stuff here in 2017.

I have to say, I do eat a lot of curry and middle eastern food because they tend to make a lot of vegetarian dishes. However, I’m breaking from my vegetarianism to move more towards a “cheating vegetarian.”  Basically, I’m eating high protein in the morning that includes eggs and bacon, but I eat vegetarian the rest of the day.  I will cheat with some fish (salmon only) and sometimes eat a burger without the bun and a side of steamed vegetables.

These diet choices will only last for a couple of months though.  I will move back into full-time vegetarian once I’ve dropped the weight I want for my races this year.  I’ve found that high-protein/low-carb works best for me.  I’m not talking about cutting out all carbs, just reducing them exponentially.

Anyway, click here for all the food posts!