Fun with ink

Yesterday, I had another one of those horrible things called a birthday.  This was a milestone birthday yet I really didn’t see it as a huge deal.  Birthdays are just another day; a reminder that you’re running out of time to do some really cool stuff!

Oh well, I guess I need to get busy on that bucket list.

The art discovery continues though.  Since I’m so new to this game, I am still discovering different mediums.  While digging through Instagram, I found an artist who has been playing with ink.  Here’s what she posted:


I just fell in love with this process so I bought some ink and started messing around myself.  Obviously I’m not as good as Anne, but I’m having fun discovering what you can do. The first piece is ink on water.


Fun with ink! #ink #instaart #watercolor #art #inkdrawing

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And for fun, I did some ink on dry.  The ink lasts forever in your brush so you get a lot of mileage out of a little bit of ink.


More fun with ink! #inkdrawing #watercolor

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