Benefits of a (multiple) sketchbook

I’m a total newbie in this art game.  I’ve been a musician, photographer, runner, triathlete, cyclist, idiot, and everything else in the book, but never a visual artist.  And to be honest, I’m really a doodler, not a true artist.  I’m still learning how to just be creative in this medium.

But one of the best ways to spark creativeness is to just to your thing every single day.  I keep two sketchbooks: one is the all day book where I doodle when I get bored.  This thing contains the daily crap that is just a test of what’s in my head all day.  When I need to take a break from the computer screen and just draw, I go to this book.

The other sketchbook contains stuff I’m more interested in completing over a longer period.  I use that book for test drawings and sketches too, but some of the stuff comes out pretty well.

Here’s how these two books play out…at the moment!

Daily journal: some days I just stick with a theme, some I just doodle junk.

Daily journal: Goofy and fun
Daily journal
Main journal
Main journal
Daily journal. You can see it’s just test junk!
Main journal. Raynee will get this piece now that it’s finished. This is the basis for a 24×36 piece I’m doing for her.


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